Cantantes in Cordibus, Inc. (Latin for “singing from the heart”) was formed by volunteers of the Latin Mass Community of Jersey City to regularly provide full Polyphonic Masses from the Renaissance era to the present. It consists of a full choir, an expert men’s schola that sings all propers from the Liber Usualis, and an orchestra to accompany Classical Masses sung for the Christmas liturgy and other solemnities.

CIC covers an extensive repertoire that includes Gregorian chant and Renaissance polyphony, as well as works by great Romantic and contemporary composers. The choir is available to sing for nuptial masses, requiem masses, and other special liturgical celebrations.

In 2012, CIC was established as a nonprofit corporation to cultivate and promote the performance of sacred music by the world’s greatest composers. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered with the state of New Jersey, CIC depends entirely on the generosity of donors to raise the funds needed to continue to bring sacred music to you in sacred spaces and in concert venues.

Simone Ferraresi – Music Director
Joseph T. Orchard, Ph.D. – Schola Director
Art Bryan Manabat – Assistant Director