Sundays: 9:00am Missa Cantata

 Our Lady of Sorrows RC Church
 75 Claremont Avenue
 Jersey City, NJ 07305

Feast Days as announced.
Thursday 9/15 Seven Sorrows of the BVM (Patronal Feast) 7:00pm Missa Cantata
September 2022

Mass Intentions

(+) Deceased

January 1: Michael Wisniewski (Birthday) req. Wisniewski Family
January 2: Departed Members of Talao & Pazymino Families (+) req. Nina Talao-Pazymino
January 6 (Epiphany 5pm): Personal Intentions of the Chiang Family
January 9: James, Anne & Helen McBreen (+) req. Theresa Doyle
January 16: Joseph & Henrietta Lawlor (+) req. Mary M. Lawlor
January 23: Irene Harper Perry (+) req. Eric & Nancy Szwerc
January 30: Rosalinda Repulda (Living) req. Edita Ortega

February 2 (Candlemas 7pm): Fr. John Perricone (Birthday) req. Latin Mass Community
February 6: Emilia Gumienak (+) req. Nancy Gumienak
February 13: Peter Kelly (+) req. Harry Melendez
February 20: Thomas McGovern (+) req. Ann McGovern
February 27: Karen Lang (+) req. Sussmann Family

March 2 (Ash Wednesday 5pm): Deceased Members of Ferraresi Family (+) req. Simone Ferraresi
March 6: Deceased Members of McDonald Family (+) req. Mary McGovern
March 13: James, Martha, Thomas, James & Gerald Doyle (+) req. Theresa Doyle
March 20: Artemio Manabat (+) req. Art & Ria Manabat
March 25 (Annunciation 7pm): For the Return of Strong and Traditional Catholic Faith to the People of Ireland req. James Barrett
March 27: Irineo Ramirez Sr. (+) req. Lilibeth Reyes

April 3: Salvatore & Elisa Cerabona (+) req. Anthony Ambrogio
April 10: Rosa Manabat (+) req. Art & Ria Manabat
April 14 (Holy Thursday 5pm): Pilar Francisca Tarquino (+) req. Nancy Gumienak
April 16 (Easter Vigil 9:30pm): Eugenio Lumanlan (+) req. Art & Ria Manabat
April 24: Vincent & Gladys Fantacone (+) req. Kathleen Mazzouccolo

May 1: Serena Reynoso (Living) req. Goellner Family
May 8: All Mothers of the Latin Mass Community
May 15: Ann McGovern (Birthday) req. Mary McGovern
May 22: Bryan, Meghan, Brayden & Ethan Corradino (Living) req. Theresa Doyle
May 26 (Ascension Thursday 7:30pm): James V. Mazzouccolo (+) req. Kathleen Mazzouccolo
May 29: Mr. & Mrs. Pedro Ortega (+) req. Edita Ortega

June 5: Chiang Family (Living) req. Benjamin & Kristina Chiang
June 12: Lilibeth Reyes (Thanksgiving) req. Lilibeth Reyes
June 19: All Fathers of the Latin Mass Community
June 26: Elizabeth Kelly (+) req. Harry Melendez

July 3: Emma, Elma & Tina Ortega (+) req. Edita Ortega
July 10: Marcelo & Mariel Ortega (+) req. Edita Ortega
July 17: Richard Keller (+) req. Mary M. Lawlor
July 24: Incapas Siblings (+) req. Edita Ortega
July 31: Margaret (Peggy) Bopp (+) req. Connell Family

August 7: Ruth Sa-Onoy (Living) req. Michael & Julie Wisniewski
August 14: Mary McGovern (Living) req. Ann McGovern
August 15 (Assumption 7pm): Theodore Goellner (+) req. Goellner Family
August 21: Ross & Jeni Sussmann (18th Wedding Anniversary) req. Sussmann Family
August 28: Juana Medina (+) req. Harry Melendez

September 4: Barbara Lawlor (+) req. Mary M. Lawlor
September 11: Spagnola Family (Living) req. Spagnola Family
September 15 (Patronal Feast Day of Our Lady of Sorrows 7pm): Deceased Members of Spagnola & Duarte Families (+) req. Spagnola Family
September 18: Joseph Szwerc (+) req. Eric & Nancy Szwerc
September 25: Antonio “Jun” Talao, Jr. (+) req. Nina Talao-Pazymino

October 2: Anthony & Maria Ambrogio (+) req. Anthony Ambrogio
October 9: Maximilian Francis Wisniewski (Birthday) req. Michael Wisniewski
October 16: Purita & Lorena Ortega (+) req. Edita Ortega
October 23: Elizabeth McGovern (+) req. Ann McGovern
October 30: Ernest, James & Michael Lawlor (+) req. Mary M. Lawlor

November 1 (All Saints): Departed Members of Lucero Family (+) req. Nina Talao-Pazymino
November 2 (All Souls): All Faithful Departed req. Latin Mass Community
November 6: Fr. Mino Chica (Birthday) req. Latin Mass Community
November 13: John R. Jakubowski (+) req. Mary McGovern
November 20: James Featherstone (+) req. Mary McGovern
November 27: Chiang Family (Living) req. Benjamin & Kristina Chiang

December 4: Mark Goellner (Living) req. Elizabeth
December 8 (Immaculate Conception): Agnes Portvliet (+) req. Kathleen Mazzouccolo
December 11: Spagnola & Duarte Family (Living and Deceased) req. Tony and Rosie Spagnola
December 18: William (Sonny) Mahoney (+) req. Connell Family
December 25 (Christmas): Pasquale & Maria Ambrogio (+) req. Anthony Ambrogio